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STARS 2 is an informal group, for members only, for textile play and experimentation. 

The group holds daytime meetings on the fourth Friday (and the fifth Friday, when there is one) in the month in a hall near Bury St Edmunds, for sewing and all things textile.

STARS 2 displays work on Facebook and has an Instagram page 


STARS 2 grew out of the idea that STARS members could meet monthly, for several daytime hours, to 'play' with textile related techniques - we embroider, dye fabric with dyes, the snow, bleach with the sun, burn, melt, use many other textiles besides cotton, make fabrics and paper, turn fluffy wools into felt, resist with wax, iron on real flowers, cut and sew and cut again, use sewing machines etc.  It's very informal; sometimes a member will offer to show the group a technique they use and everyone has a go, at other times the group will simply develop their work further, following a group meeting or workshop.

There is an additional contribution by those attending a session to cover the hall hire.

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